Music Monday :: Sedge

Front - Psychochondriac

I got a bit distracted by life (releasing a book and a death in the family) but I am ready to write this review!

Sedge is a band from Toronto, Ontario. They have the most interesting groove that I have found in a while. Think Queens of the Stone Age mixed with Big Sugar and that ’90s band that you heard one day and fell madly in love with.

Grooving bass, the grimiest guitar tone you have ever heard, all mixed with a blues-esque vocal arraignment that brings the melodies to a forefront to melt your face. BONUS: the main vocalist has the most visceral scream I have heard outside of metal in a while.

My personal favourite from this 12-track EP has to be Jenny & Johnny. Now, I say that defiantly as if I had made up my mind early on, but I kept this sentence open until I worked my way through the track list at least three times. Every song is fantastic, all varied yet all similar enough to never disappoint.

Funny enough: my second pick (which was barely beaten out by the one mentioned above) has a music video. Something about it is punk as fuck, and that is very okay with me.


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