Where’s Jay?

Hi! I vanished. I’m sorry about that: I’ve been very busy writing again. OH: and I got married. I guess that part is important.

Enough about my life, though. I am going to ramble on about my involvement on this site and what’s going on! Plus, juicy assumptions made about Katie which she will undoubtably yell at me for making later!

So yes, I have been busy with my own project as well as two dogs and a horrible monster of a cat. I am still listening to music, pretty well non-stop, but I have not had a submission to review in a bit now.

Katie has been busy with school, as far as I know, as well as life in general. As a point of honesty: I have not talked to her since August 30th. Not for any reason, really. Just nothing to ramble about.


Well, I will not make assumptions as to what Katie is up to, but we have had a few kind offers to document concerts. I have not made a post in four months, and I have not had anything on my desktop to review in over half a year. Katie has been quiet on here for the last two months because life and stuff, but I am sure she will have something to post soon enough.

If, for whatever reason, you like the way I waffle on and on, check my personal blog out. I update there (or, at least, try to) once a week. Like I stated, I am working on my second book (which doesn’t have a name yet) and I hope to have more on that soon.

Have you heard something amazing recently? Leave a link in the comments or over on our FaceBook page.

OH! I am posting this with no review by Katie what-so-ever. I don’t really have an angle, we have just had over 3000 visitors (over 20000 views) and I feel like you deserve SOME sort of an update.

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