FINALLY! || Pouzza 2017 Photos and More!

A perfect word to describe this post would be “Finally.”

Our website, Mind the Music, is Finally ready after the remodel- complete with the new URL,

The Pouzza photos, from mid-May, are Finally ready and up.

And Jay and Katie are Finally back to updating this site- with more consistent photos and reviews.


And so, Finally- here are photos from Friday at this year’s Pouzza festival, of Bike Tuff, The Beatdown (featuring Hugo Mudie), The Penske File, Plan 37, Mustard Plug, Mannequin Pussy, The Slackers, Bong Mountain, Red City Radio, RVIVR, and Chris Farren.

So let’s raise a glass, or maybe one of the kajillion beers Beaus offered at Pouzza Fest: To New Beginnings!

Bike Tuff

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The Beatdown
featuring Hugo Mudie

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The Penske File

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Plan 37

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Mustard Plug

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Mannequin Pussy

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The Slackers

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Bong Mountain

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Red City Radio

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Chris Farren

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