Music Monday :: The Bare Minimum

a2330440392_10This is the most punk-rock thing I have heard in a while. Well, the most GOOD punk-rock I have heard in a while. There is always someone who does not know what they are doing with an instrument claiming they are bad because they are “too punk” for any sort of teaching.

The Bare Minimum from Toronto is a four piece that has absolutely nothing to apologize for. The new album (which drops 3/28) reminds me of Offspring’s album Americana yet sounds nothing like that. Deft guitar solos and a beautiful rhythm section keeps the listener engaged.

Vocally is where the comparison to Offspring is most evident. Same kind of sing-screams and harmonies. Unlike Offspring, he does not sound like his testicles are being crushed at the time of recording.

What I enjoy most about the recordings is that everything sounds like it belongs. Do I recommend this album? Very much.

I would make a paragraph saying some sort of pretentious crap about how they sound like this band from this era and whatever, but I already did something like that above when I compared them to Offspring. Really, saying something pretentious in this case is more ironic than I feel like being. This is one of the most honest recordings I have come across.

Again, the album comes out March 28th.


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