Music Monday :: Die Hexe


I always seem to do the same thing follow-ups to my favourites: I listen with extreme prejudice and hope to be proven wrong. So, when I read that Die Hexe dared to make a follow-up to one of my favourite bits of music, I was apprehensive. I listened to it though once. Yep. Just once. Okay, so it might have been three or four times, but I didn’t mean to!

As I half stated, half hinted at, the debut ST EP is one of my favourite albums ever created. To think, a three piece from Toronto, and they effected my being so greatly…

This EP is just so different but not but better but not as good but HOLY FUCK, LISTEN TO IT. BUY IT. SUPPORT THIS BAND.

*composure regained* It has been a year and a bit of albums that have changed everything I thought about music. I am finding myself making comparisons to things that have come out only a few years ago to try to educate everyone why an album is worth their time. It is interesting, to me, where I am finding similarities: albums I hated on their release, disappointments, and rejects that have slowly worked their way into my heart.

A great example of what I mean is that the easiest comparison I can make here is to Versions by Poison the Well. I hated this album initially, but it has grown to be my second favourite of that discography.

Now, Die Hexe has not brandished the same diversity of instruments on their new record, but it is a similar slow burn that seems to invite repeat listenings.

The drum patterns are some of the most fucked-up and just-plain-wrong things I have heard in music to date. At times, I had to play back parts just to make sure that I heard what I heard. Every time, I was wrong. It’s beautiful. What seems to have spurred on this explosions of ideas is the guitars and bass are, ironically, more straight forward. Not boring (Far from), but I cannot deny that they are more structured-sounding that they have been in the past.

I cannot get over how this band takes almost-pop chords at times and makes them brutal. It is the hope in the dystopian.

I think I have stated that I love this EP very much. I think you will to.


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