Music Mondays :: The Reckless Heroes

a1911283656_10I would like to start off with apologizing to this band. They sent us an e-mail back in July 2016, and I must have missed it

’80s power-metal mixed with punk? Misfits with a decent singer?
Yes Please.

Fucking talented at their instruments, and full of energy. My ONLY complaint is that the songs go on for too long. Luckily, they are varied and fun. Because they sit in the same key through most of the songs, I found myself looking too often at the time left.

Again, VERY good at their instruments. The drummer in particular keeps everything feeling fresh. I am sure parts are more computer on the recording than actual playing, yet everything sounds possible., just too tight. I would have to see them live to have a fair review on that fact.

Personal favourite is Weapons of Men, which closes off the album with a kick. Duelling guitars and speed that grabs you by the balls and does not let go.

The other bit of fun was how the EP opens. The best comparison I can make is to Pluume, then it transfers over to just being raw and hellish punk.

I had a lot of fun listening to this four-track EP. I hope you do to.


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