Music Monday :: Pilcrow


Hello everyone! I hope you had a fantastic Holiday season! I am back finally. It always feels like a strange void to take a break, but everything gets so hectic over the month of December.


Over the break (the 12th of December) I was contacted by the band Pilcrow about their single that they released in anticipation for their release later this year.

The song (called Crash the Bus) reminds me of a harder Fall of Troy. Spastic guitar riffs and disjointed drum lines. The vocalist screams remind me of black metal, but it still suits the overall sound of the music.

I am very excited to hear the final release, and I hope this band sends it along for me to check it out then. They have a few videos up on their FaceBook, and having only one guitar does not hold them back, in any way.

Like I said, they come off as a more violent Fall of Troy. They have the same broken focus on melody, even though they play a million different ideas per bar. Mostly unknown, but they remind me very much of Yell the Burden (mandatory listening) from Cambridge, Ontario.

Regardless of whether or not you feel this review has done them any justice, listen to this song. I enjoyed it very much and feel you may as well.


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