Music Monday :: Black Love


Happy Halloween!

Here at Mind the Music Toronto, we have a love for the city of Montreal. Black Love is far from the first Montreal-based band we have covered, and I have a sneaking suspicion that it is far from the last.

Black Love is a recommendation from the same guy who pointed me towards Respire. In fact, he saw them at the same show. VERY different from them, but VERY good again. A little more punk and a whole lot more laid back. Black Love focuses more on a conservative structure that is apparent in acts closer to skate-punk than hardcore.

They still yell most of the vocals. The yelling is more of a way to find a melody that works in the madness. They keep things very beautiful and full. The guitar and bass are almost always in harmony with each other. There is some lead play that feels like the notes are dancing in a sea of the most beautiful noise.

It is a nice change from the last few bands I have listened to. The feeling is light-hearted and pretty. With that said, it is easy to see why they would play with a band like Respire: they have the same sort of disregard for conventional tones. All in all, I highly recommend this band for anyone who likes Punk music and wants something chill to lounge around to.


Edit two days later: Hi! I added links and fixed a couple of spelling things. I am sorry that took me so long!

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