Music Monday :: Respire


I was sent a couple of things to check out by a friend of mine. He and I met a couple of years ago when I worked at the music store. We both shared an appreciation for punk, black metal, and noise. Over the last few years, he has given me a few bands to look into that have reshaped the way I look at music as a whole, and his insight has been fantastic.

Today (being the 18th of October) he sent me Respire. I had never heard of them, and knew nothing about what I was getting into. They are fucking beautiful, and there is nothing I would change about them.

Broken, yet perfect. Discorded, but harmonious. The intentional dissonance that this band uses is tried by many, but successfully pulled off by few. There is a haunting melody that breaks through the chaos. The drums are huge: they get used more as a call to arms as opposed to just more noise to add to the cacophony.

The first song I came across reminded me heavily of Horse The Band. It was not even because of the trumpet/saxophone (which sounded in this song like a keyboard), though it did cement the idea in my head. The vocal styling and song composition reminded me more so: that panicked and thrashed yell.

So, the question stands: do I recommend this album? Highly. Yes, it is easier to point metal heads towards it, but anyone who likes angrier music with different ideas would enjoy this.

Like I previously stated, Horse the Band. It also reminds me of an angrier version the album “Goodbye Ememy Airship, the Landlord is Dead” by Do Make Say Think.


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