Music Monday :: Pluum

a3737066949_10Guess who released another EP? THAT’S RIGHT! Pluum!

I love the ST EP very much and I have been anticipating a follow up for the last eleven months. Pluum made my top of 2015. They do not disappoint!

Closer to bands like Fucked Up, this EP is harder hitting and incredibly beautiful.

I still hold onto the notion that they are similar to the Pixies in ways, but this EP ventures further into the Grunge scene of the early 90’s.

This recording is a lot more mature than the old one. It might be the way the recording was done, or it might just be that they are getting more comfortable doing what they do.

The last two tracks on the version I got were re-releases of a couple of songs from the old EP. So minus those two, this EP stands at a play time of just under eleven minuets. That is NOT a bad thing: this album knows when to end. That is an admirable trait for a band in this field. Would I have liked at least one more song? That would have been amazing.

As it stands, this is a fantastic compatriot to the first release. I can find issues (mostly in quality differences between the bonus tracks and the new ones), but that would be shallow and ridiculous.

My personal track recommendation is Monday. Though from the last EP, it is still my favourite track and it perfectly demonstrates what the sound and direction of the band are.


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