Photo Dump :: POUZZA 6 | Day Three

02 BOIDS-Outdoor-17

That’s right — the last of the Pouzza Festival photos!! SUPER LATE due to life things, which I do apologize for- but I hope you all enjoy these pictures regardless. 

Unlike the other two posts, this one isn’t broken into two, and is instead all of the Sunday photos in one place. The main reason for this is that I took far fewer photos on Sunday due to suffering from heatstroke. In fact, there are two sets I shot where the photos weren’t even usable… being too dizzy to stand for more than a minute sucks, amirite?

Anywho, the bands featured here are The Filthy Radicals, BOIDS, Wasted Potential, The Drunken Wobblies, and Talk Show Host.


The Filthy Radicals




Wasted Potential


The Drunken Wobblies


Talk Show Host

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