Music Monday :: 1971

Yes, I have already talked about this band once before. That was, however, over a year ago. They have been busy since then!

The 1971 are a four piece from Winnipeg, Manitoba. They are different from the norm, and it is fantastic!

What is great is they seem to hold onto the sounds from the old punk-scene. The orchestration is similar, but far from the same, as bands like The Gang of Four. I am not saying that was a direct comparison, but it is very hard to put what they do in conventional terms. I should say, that it is hard to describe without painting a wrong picture.

The melodies of the first song are short and their placement side-by-side is disjointed. The vocalist, in particular, sounds desperate for someone to hear him. Though on key, it feels like he is belting the words in hopes that someone responds to him

Every part of the instrumentation feels passionate and warm. The tones are fantastic, and nothing gets lost in the cacophony of sound. Love (track 2 on the EP) has almost a folk sound. Almost. It is by-far the most melodic song in the mix, and there is a fantastic, yet tasteful, guitar solo around 4 minuets in.

While listening to these 3 songs, I could not help but think of Gang of Four and The Weakerthans. I happen to love both these bands, and I am happy to put the 1971 in that same place in my heart.


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