Music Monday :: Why Marilyn

a0598761281_10I feel there is an unfair standard put on the fem-pop-punk scene. Paramore came out, and every band that was harder hitting with a pretty vocalist got placed into the same category as them regardless of how much they did or did not sound like them. It has always bothered me.

“Why Marilyn” is a band from Calgary, Alberta. They have a huge sound that permeates everything they do. The ideas are all very mainstream in there composition, but the execution is much more violent. They do not, for example, shy away from a well-placed breakdown.

Beautiful, anthemic-based sound. Well orchestrated drums. The vocalist is incredibly strong and stays on key. Guitar riffs are beautiful and full. The bass, though staying to the roots often, fills in the tone and drives everything. The drums are VERY impressive: remaining tasteful while still pulling out complicated licks and intricate fills.

I refuse to compare them to Paramore, so I won’t.

Fantastic band. They are in a similar vein as them, but Why Marilyn is just a bit harder. I won’t pretend it is the kind of thing you can punch people out to, but it is very enjoyable.

The song “Loneliness is Underrated” from the EP Outcasts (released October 2014) reminds me heavily of the Bleeding Alarm mixed with Evanesence. It stands out from a large majority of their songs.

PRETENTIOUS COMPARISON TIME! I have taken about 48 hours trying to think of something fair and interesting. A non-emo Bleeding Alarm? Maybe loosely, and mostly just due to the huge sound. New Design? Only for the atmosphere. This may actually be one of those rare instances where I just recommend giving it a listen to figure out if you like it or not.

This review does not really focus on one album, but the two EPs (including the split they did just a year ago with Colour In The Clouds early 2015).


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