TOP OF THE LAST YEAR :: album review edition

Mind The Music TO top album reviews

This is a collection of the top five albums we have reviewed in the last year. We have received a plethora of great music in the last twelve months, and hope it never stops. These five are not better than the rest, but hold a special place in our hearts for whatever reason. There are also no surprises in this list.

Each band name is a link to the review written. From there, a link is available to listen to and/or buy the album.

New Design
One of, if not my favourite, examples of what music can be. Yes. It is a bit emo, but the atmosphere it demonstrates is incredible and the crescendos are amazing!

Easily one of my favourite albums I have found since I came onto this project. Also marks one of the first projects that we were asked to look at.

This is just so fucking pretty and fun. Short, but fantastic: a must-have for anyone who is into things that are different.

Die Hexe
Here’s a secret: I have already started composing my top of the year. So far, this EP remains at number one. Brutal, beautiful, bad-ass, and heavy as fuck. I love this thing, and I think you NEED to listen to it. PLUS IT HAS ONE OF THE GREATEST CRESCENDOS AT THE END.

Sixteen Scandals
Very interesting. A great take on punk (and one of two reviews Katie wrote. She did a good job on it, to!)

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