Happy (almost) Birthday, Mind the Music T.O.!!!

Katie: Oh my god it’s (almost) our first birthday! This thing started as a tiny little blogspot last February, but as of May 22nd, we’ll have officially existed as this website you know and love for a whole year! Having the opportunity to photograph and review bands all year has been so much fun. We’ve met so many amazing people, discovered so many new fantastic bands… it’s been so great. We’ve got a lot in store for you over the next year, and can’t wait to see what the next twelve months hold for us!


Jay: We made it to one year! Thank you so much for the continued reading, listening, and viewing. It has been a very… interesting year: with Katie being away and then extradited peacefully made to return to Canada and Jay failing school twice. Hopefully, we can keep doing this. We love this! We really hope you love this, too.

We have already started looking into plans for our next year. We have business cards now (!) and have photo passes to some great shows and festivals. The pictures will keep coming and the reviews are only going to become more obnoxious.

Want to help us in anyway? Spread the word! We want others to love the punk and music scene as much as we do!

Here’s to another year of Mind the Music T.O!

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