Music Monday :: Please Drown

Please Drown

This band has, quite possibly, my favourite band name ever. Please Drown is a fucking heavy band from Toronto, Ontario. It has members from Mad Trapper and Pretty Mouth. When I heard that, I had an idea for what I was in for.

I was (pleasantly) wrong. I should know better than to assume I ever know what I am in for.

This four-track EP is fantastic. The tone, on especially the guitar and bass, is grand. This is not to say that the greatness doesn’t permeate every section of the recording:¬†those stood out, however, to be especially amazing.

The one issue I had with the mix (and this is a personal gripe) is that, at times, the low end is overbearing. This is most notable in the first song. It’s not bad sounding, but it is the only negative I could find.

The general song writing is simple, but that is not a bad thing. The drums make sure there is a constant progression in the songs. The music is fast, but not unbearably so. Every song is violent yet fantastic.

PRETENTIOUS COMPARISON TIME: Think Premonitions of War, but slowed down. The same kind of (great) grime and unbridled aggression.

This is definitely metal and not punk or anything else, but that is far from a deterrent.


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