Music Monday :: The Fall Of Troy


falloftroyokI know, we usually do independent bands, but I’m excited.

I hopefully do not need to give too much history on this band. The TL;DR of it is that they revolutionized music. Incredibly technical and eclectic, Fall of Troy has release six albums since the year 2002. I got into Doppelganger back when it was released in 2005. The guitar lines on the album are just all kinds of not fair, and the other instumentation is amazing.

I, personally, did not care for Manipulator (released a year later) but that does not make it a bad album. It just was not what I was looking for, at the time.

They finally released a new album the other week: first release in seven years. I was skeptical. Doppelganger holds steady as being in my top five albums of all time. Nothing could make that album move down the list. It was just so beautifully technical yet still angry without being angsty.

I have an annoucement to make. OK successfully did it. It has topped Doppelganger, and I am so happy something finally did.

It is as though The Dillinger Escape Plan was a bit more punk. Technically brilliant, and fantastic to listen to, OK reincited my love of this genre. The vocals are beautiful regardless of how harsh they can be at times.

Oh, and to make the pot sweeter, IT’S FREE!

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