Music Monday :: Stayce

stayce huck dunterThis is such an interesting and beautiful sound for my ears. They remind me heavily of Braid in the best possible way. The cacophonous sound resinates from the speakers the way all good punk should. This really is the way music should be. Emphasis seems to be nowhere but in raw emotion

With a heavy heart, I do have to take away “marks” for the recording quality. It REALLY works for the songs, but it is very low-fi. I cannot seem to decide where the register sits: maybe too heavy in the mids?

Do I recommend this album? Fuck yes. It reminds me of rock from the 90’s in the best possible way. No two songs sound the same, but the general feel remains the same. If you like the first song, you will love it all.

UPDATE: It has been almost a week since I wrote this. I have not gone  a day without listening to this four-track beast since. Think Title Fight, but way better. Same sort of crushing atmosphere, and that is where the comparison really ends.


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