Photo Dump :: BOIDS, Plan 37, and Astrocytes

03 Boids-9

Happy Tuesday! Today’s photos are from Thursday’s show at Coalition here in Toronto!

The night opened with brand-new band Astrocytes (who, according to their singer, are not as outer-space themed as they seem). Though it was only the band’s second show, the female-fronted (and guitared) band’s fun and energetic set kept the crowd engaged from start to end.

Sandwiched in the middle of the three bands were Toronto pop-punk staples Plan 37. The band played their fast-paced set with few interruptions, instead opting for a nearly continuous wall of music. The last leg of the set started with crowd favourite (and one of my personal favourites), Brian Damage, which inspired eager crowd participation.

While BOIDS were, of course, fantastic, the downside was that I was only able to stay for their first couple of songs. (Weather-induced pressure headaches are the BEST amirite?!)

(All photos under the break!)



Plan 37



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