AND I’M BACK! [Big Giant Photo Dump]

04 W!NSLOW-4

Hi folks! Katie here! I can only hope people have missed seeing my photos here even 0.001% as much as I’ve missed taking and posting them! While my triumphant return to Canada happened in December, unfortunately, my camera’s return did not occur until early March.

My natural instinct after getting my camera back was of course to go photograph shows again! However, March has been extremely busy for me.┬áIt’s taken me almost four weeks to get these done. Of course; there won’t be so much of a delay from now on.

The following photos are from a double-header at the good ol’ Smiling Buddha, where I shot the birthday show of the infamous Gabe, and upstairs was a tape release show featuring Alpha Strategy.

(or don’t. I’m a post, not a cop.)

Chuck Coles


These Fast Times


The Readys


(reunion show!)


Badminton Raquet






Alpha Strategy

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