Music Monday :: DreamsOfYou

I hate that I am reviewing emo again, but this is too good to let pass.

a1931511400_16DreamsOfYou got a hold of us on Facebook, and I am very happy they did! Isaiah Angel Hubbird composed some amazing music.

To be honest: I am always a bit judgmental with Emo. I usually find the vocalist sings in a range I do not care for, and everything seems repetitive. So, when he sent me over to his music video, I was immediately put on the defensive.

Then he sang. Every judgment I made leading me to that point was immediately cast aside and I found myself thoroughly enjoying every moment.


So, how is it different?

  • For one, the songs are well written and beautiful. The lyrics, though just about love and the usual things, are elegantly crafted.
  • The absence of percussion kept me from being distracted by analyzing if they could do better, and just let me actually listen to the song.
  • The use of the Ukulele, which was popularized by nevershoutnever. back a couple of years ago, was not over powering and made everything feel more quaint than was probably initially intended.
  • I cannot overstate how great his voice is. I had a small conversation with Isaiah and asked if he used much auto-tune. Not only did he know his stuff, relaying amounts and registers, but he just used it as intended: adjusting. NOT as a crutch.

Okay, I will now stop gushing. It just reminded me of early emo. It is rich with genuine emotions and incredible tone. Do yourself a favour: CHECK IT OUT


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