Music Monday :: Loveovernite!

Time for some ol’ fashioned emo!

12742326_1032061860187103_5531110494071528361_nLoveovernite! is a 17 year old from Brampton, Ontario. All of his recordings are beautifully DIY and, considering that, the mix is quite exquisite.

He performs strongly and his voice carries the melody. The track in question is acoustic, so I cannot comment on drums or anything else. He is quite deft, however: making sure that every note fits perfectly.

The mix is heavy on the high register, but that is not a complaint. This makes sure that every accent and note change is cutting and clear.

My review reflects the new single “Floating Bones, Sinking Hearts”. I did find his personal Bandcamp, and the songs are quite good. The mix is not quite as good, but the songs are fantastic. The occasional peak in the low-end makes more an almost industrial feel to the music.

I should probably mention that his lyrics are fantastic.

FACEBOOK || BANDCAMP || Floating Bones, Sinking Hearts

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