Music Monday :: Alibi

a2213430581_16The Alibi is a five-piece band from Montreal, Quebec. They released the album in question back in November of 2015.

I am going to be up front about this: This style of music is not my cup of tea. I will not go into comparisons now, but I have a few, and they are fair and apt.

Let’s start with the mixing quality on these recordings: it’s shit. It sounds like the highs and lows are pushed up as far as they can go. It leaves the songs sounding empty and amateur, no matter how skilled the musicians actually are.

On that note, they are very skilled. The singer, in particular, surprised me with her range and ability. Appropriately, the guitar and bass are similarly impressive. Especially when you consider that the guitar player is doubling on keyboards for most of the songs. The drums are not impressive. To be clear, that is not a bad thing. I consider it a good thing when I do not notice the drums in music like this.

PRETENTIOUS COMPARISON TIME! Oh my. Early 2000’s hard rock comes to mind, with bands like A Perfect Circle and even the solo efforts of Melissa Auf Der Maur. What I am avoiding saying, is that this band reminded me a lot of Nightwish and similar acts. If that is your thing: cool. IT’S NOT MINE.

IN CONCLUSION: The songs are well constructed, but the mix needs to be tidied up. Everything else seems solid.

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