Kennedy at D-Beatstro January 13th, 2016

Review: Jay
Video: Katie (in lieu of photos due to currently lacking a camera)

Last night was the first time I have gone to a show, local or otherwise, in over two years. It was nerve racking, but incredibly fun.

Kennedy headlined at D-Beatstro in Toronto. There live show was incredible and high energy. Minus a kick peddle that seemed to fall apart, the set was flawless and loud. I screamed along to a majority of the songs: only taking a break due to my lack of knowledge about their earlier ones.

Kennedy’s stage presence was explosive. Individually, they did not stop thrashing about. They seemed to have much fun, which is always tremendous to witness. The singer threw around the mic, the bass and rhythm guitarist used their bodies to keep beat, the lead guitarist used the wall at one point to hold his guitar while he composed the notes. The drummer just looked like an animal: engrossed in his actions while keeping time.

The crowed never stopped dancing. Much stomping was done, many fists were thrown, and I witnessed at least two spills from where I was. Considering there were only 50 or so people there, the energy was intense.

The crowd helped with chants, rally-cries, and singing. It was a beautiful frenzy. All in all, it seemed like a sort of religious experience, between the crowed chants, and the displays of physical prowess through the glory of hardcore dancing.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everybody for being so accommodating to me. A wheelchair is an awkward thing to have at a hardcore show, and everyone tried very hard to be friendly.

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