Music Monday :: Die Hexe

a3150129813_16Today, I was contacted by a member of Die Hexe to review their new self titled EP. It is so fucking good.

The format is just beautiful. Incredibly dark, radiantly beautiful, and noisy as hell. The songs are broken up by sweeping, colourful soundscapes which fit perfectly in the middle of such chaos.

The guitar focuses mainly on chords and octaves instead of solos and leads. The bass, though it just fills in the rhythm, sounds huge and drives the music forward. The drummer does exactly what he needs to: huge accents that propel the music forward. It is beautiful.

Seriously, I am not even done the first listen all the way through and I can guarantee that I will be listening to this again. EDIT: Yep! Still good round 2.

Counterparts first EP (Prophets) mixed with a the vocal style of Buried Inside. It also has a flair of work by David Bottrill: the crushing, huge sounds and massive crescendos.

To be clear, the Buried Inside was more the force than the tone. The vocalist of Die Hexe is much more pleasant to listen to. They both have a way of making there screams fill in gaps in the sounds without being overbearing. The tone is almost beautiful in how harsh it is.

I am doing that thing again where I hear something I absolutely love and cannot do it justice with words. Just listen to the EP. My recommendation for getting a good feel for the different avenues this band can go down is All Masks Fall.

OR! Do what I did: BINGE THE WHOLE THING. Seriously: I feel confident in pushing this band to anyone who likes modern Hardcore. Also, to anyone who likes there music dark and foreboding themes. Also, to anyone who likes music.

Hard hitting, yet very melodic. Passionate, yet cold.


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