Music Monday :: Red Skies

Long time no see.

a2541768843_16Hello hello! I was asked to give a listen to the new Red Skies album by the name of Iron Sun.

They are a five piece from Montreal, Quebec. That is one city that does metal very well.

I will start with what I do not like. It is a short list, but it’s actually bothering me.

The lead guitar is too high in the mix at times. It makes for clarity, but it also makes the recording and mixing sound unprofessional.
Also: Find a new scale. I like the songs, but it feels like the lead just drones on because the keys of the solos are too similar.

Those are my only criticisms. Overall, the album is good. The bits above really keep it from being amazing, but it is good.

The aforementioned lead guitar is actually amazing. If you are a person who likes shredding, I highly recommend this album. Seriously, the solos are fucking cool!

Oh: a bit disorganized of me to mention it now, but the vocalist is fantastic. Just saying.


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