Music Monday- Create // Destroy by Sixteen Scandals

Katie here, doing Music Monday this week! So, I have to admit, I’m not a2756224037_16necessarily unbiased when it comes to Sixteen Scandals’ music. I’ve  been listening to their songs and catching their live sets ever since I interviewed and photographed them at a show they played last fall. In fact, for two of the band’s members, it was their first Sixteen Scandals show too. I’ve seen them several times since — including when they played at my 24th birthday/leaving-for-switzerland-for-a-while party this August!

All that being said, it’s hard to listen to this band and not love them. From their fun, catchy tunes mixed with a bit of a punk-rock edge to the heavier tracks near the end, this album is consistently enjoyable from start to finish.

Another notable aspect of Sixteen Scandals is definitely their sense of humour. As the band name implies, they have an affinity for puns and jokes: with song titles on the album including “The Biking Viking,” “Leprechaun Tattoos,” and “Broko Ono.”

I really do recommend listening to this album. Create // Destroy will be available for purchase on bandcamp as of December 4th. However, if you want a sneak preview before you invest, you can listen to the album stream on! Unfortunately, their last show of 2015 was a few days ago, but if you  listened to the album and absolutely loved it, they’ll be playing Toronto on January 9th at the Garrison!

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