Music Monday :: Speaker

a2497642617_10Let’s get together and punch everybody!

Seriously; this EP is damn short but damn good. Speaker are a four-piece out of Toronto, Ontario. They play what can be described as post-hardcore as hard and as fast as anyone could.

They sent me a two track EP called Body and Blood. It starts with a “smack” and then does not let up.

This is one of the few times that a lack of dynamics works in a band’s favour. There is a feeling of energetic hate from the start, and that sticks through the two song ride.

Now, this EP is free, but I recommend listening to it then spending a sum of money you think it is worth. I would say “DROP ALL THE MONEY” but it’s only two songs. I think it’s really good and worth some cash, but I would understand someone not agreeing with me.

Side note: HI KURT! I see you did the artwork for Grow and Decay. I find it strange how I see your name everywhere.


Yep, still holds up.


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