Photo Dump: That’s right, more Anti-Flag! Friday, October 13th

So, I’ll be the first to admit that these photos are far from being my best work. That being said, I hope you all enjoy ’em. Also, I have it set up a bit differently here (mostly as the way wordpress works has changed a little on me!) If anyone has any feedback, let me know; it is possible to have pictures show up as before.

On a heavier note, it was upon returning home from this show that myself (and everyone else who attended) discovered everything that had taken place in Paris. It was scary: finding what had happened to people doing the exact same thing as the rest of us, a 6 hour drive away, pretty much at the exact time that Anti-Flag took the stage.

I know the events in Paris are, unfortunately, far from the only tragedy or atrocity to have happened to the world this weekend and is getting an unfair proportion of attention. However, what really scared me most about it is as I said: its complete mirroring of my own evening, mere hours away.

I could go on, talking myself into circles about all of this. But instead, here are the photos of Anti-Flag, Red City Radio, Trophy Eyes, and The Homeless Gospel Choir in Lyss, Switzerland!

04 Anti-Flag-6

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