Photo Dump: Anti-Flag’s ‘American Spring’ tour in Bulle, Switzerland November 3rd

If you’ve been following this blog lately and found yourself looking through and thinking “well I mean, this is great and all, but what it really needs is more photos from that tour that Anti-Flag are on with Red City Radio, Trophy Eyes, and The Homeless Gospel Choir…”

Well GUESS WHAT! Here are more. I wanted to post about twice as many as this, too… but unfortunately there needs to be a limit. So I hope you enjoy these, and if you look really carefully you’ll even see that Derek (The Homeless Gospel Choir) played half his set with a broken guitar string. (and did so fantastically, may I add)

04 Anti-Flag-9

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-5

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-2

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-1

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-4

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-3


02 Trophy Eyes-1

02 Trophy Eyes-2

02 Trophy Eyes-3

02 Trophy Eyes-4

02 Trophy Eyes-5

02 Trophy Eyes-6

02 Trophy Eyes-7

02 Trophy Eyes-8

02 Trophy Eyes-9


03 Red City Radio-2

03 Red City Radio-3

03 Red City Radio-5

03 Red City Radio-1

03 Red City Radio-7

03 Red City Radio-4

03 Red City Radio-6

03 Red City Radio-8


04 Anti-Flag-1

04 Anti-Flag-3

04 Anti-Flag-2

04 Anti-Flag-4

04 Anti-Flag-10

04 Anti-Flag-5

04 Anti-Flag-6

04 Anti-Flag-7

04 Anti-Flag-11

04 Anti-Flag-12

04 Anti-Flag-13

04 Anti-Flag-14

04 Anti-Flag-15

04 Anti-Flag-16

04 Anti-Flag-17

04 Anti-Flag-18

04 Anti-Flag-8

04 Anti-Flag-19

04 Anti-Flag-20

3 responses to “Photo Dump: Anti-Flag’s ‘American Spring’ tour in Bulle, Switzerland November 3rd

  1. I’ve been to that show too and let’s say your work is amazing! Loving it!
    Btw; Which region of Switzerland do you live at the moment? I was wondering if you’re also go to shows of local swiss bands 🙂
    take care, bye.


    • Thanks! I’m glad to hear you like it! I’m living near Morges/Lausanne kind of. I would love to go see local swiss shows while I’m here, but I don’t know of much going on around here- if you do, please let me know!


      • I grew up in a tiny town about 2h away from Morges. But the good part about Switzerland is its tinyness;)
        I don’t know much about the scene in the Romandie but if your willing to travel around the country you’ll meet some of the greatest people (who let you crash on their couches 🙂 )
        You should check out the boys from Hundred And One. They organise a lot of great shows in the area of Lucerne with a good mix of local and international bands. If you’re interested you should come to their show on the 22nd of November with Such Gold, muncie girls and local bands such as cold reading 🙂
        There are also some great young swiss bands you should check out. They often play lots of shows around the country like Cold Reading, Allys Fate, D-Factory, Nofnog, Cancel The Sky, So Wasted, Guns Love Stories, Bright Lights, Flat Noise Bag and so on.


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