Photo Dump: Anti-Flag and more in Vienna, Austria, October 28th

Hey, remember that time I posted nothing but different Anti-Flag photos in a row back in February? Well if you liked that, then boy do I have some good news for you! Here are some photos from my first of a few times I’ll be seeing them this fall, in Vienna Austria. While most of these are taken at the venue there, the first few are taken during a pre-show acoustic set at a place called Supersense. It specializes in all things analogue. It’s a cafe+shop, with printmaking, on-site vinyl recordings and every polaroid camera you could ever imagine. Honestly, if I could have spent my entire vacation there I would have.
I digress. Here are my photos of Anti-Flag, along with The Homeless Gospel Choir, Trophy Eyes, and Red City Radio!

04 Anti-Flag-10

 01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-1

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-2

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-4

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-5

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-3

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-6

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-7

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-9

01 Anti-Flag Acoustic-10


01 Homeless Gospel Choir-1

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-8

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-7

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-6

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-5

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-4

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-3

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-2

01 Homeless Gospel Choir-9


02 Trophy Eyes-1

02 Trophy Eyes-9

02 Trophy Eyes-8

02 Trophy Eyes-7

02 Trophy Eyes-6

02 Trophy Eyes-5

02 Trophy Eyes-4

02 Trophy Eyes-3

02 Trophy Eyes-2


03 Red City Radio-1

03 Red City Radio-2

03 Red City Radio-3

03 Red City Radio-4

03 Red City Radio-5

03 Red City Radio-6

03 Red City Radio-7


04 Anti-Flag-2

04 Anti-Flag-1

04 Anti-Flag-3

04 Anti-Flag-4

04 Anti-Flag-5

04 Anti-Flag-6

04 Anti-Flag-7

04 Anti-Flag-8

04 Anti-Flag-9

04 Anti-Flag-11

04 Anti-Flag-12

04 Anti-Flag-13

04 Anti-Flag-14

04 Anti-Flag-15

04 Anti-Flag-16

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