Music Monday :: New Design

a1599552425_10Hey; Jay again. Reviewing another great independent album in Katie’s absence.

New Design is a four piece band from Brampton, Ontario. They just released a ten track album recently called “Far From Home”, and damn it is cool.

They come from a more emo angle than the last few albums I have listened to.

Very melodic and experimental: The music is haunting yet beautiful. What I was not expecting was the occasional time change, which they handled very deftly.

New Design dropped two bands as comparison, being Moneen and Brand New. I can definitely hear the influence, but New Design are far more technical.

Track five (The Things We Can’t Forget) has an incredible two-hand-tapping part that actually surprised me: it was magical.

END THOUGHT: If you are a fan of the indi emo movement, I cannot recommend this album enough. I am enjoying this listen and I am excited to see where these talented people go in the end.


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UPDATE: I am writing about a week after this review was written. I have not stopped listening to this album. It really is fantastic, and for anyone into very melodic and complex sounds.

I can confirm that, though personal doubts, it even sounds great out of horrible phone speakers.

If you do like this, comment. Let me know. I really want to find out when you recommend in the same vein.

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