Music Monday :: Kennedy

So, we’ve been listening to this album all summer- hell, since Gabe sent it to us to review (at which point Jay wrote the following piece), and that was near the end of May. Like Jay, I find the album damn fantastic. If you’ve ever seen Kennedy live, you know that they are essentially an explosive ball of energy in musical form, and this album does not disappoint in that regard (or in any regards, really!) We’ve been pretty antsy about getting this review out, so it’s exciting to finally do so! All I can say is: you’d better go listen to/buy/etc this album: OUT TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 29TH, VIA HOTFOOT RECORDS. -Katie Maz


I was initially thrown off by the name: There are a plethora of punk inspired bands that use political figures in their names, and it means very little about the quality.

12038137_1228147780534894_9139690251742165525_nI was very pleased to find out that this band is something different

Kennedy is a five piece hardcore band out of glorious Montreal. This album opens with a quote from 1984, and it sets the mood beautifully.

There is something very wonderfully bleak about their sound on this album. It feels as oppressive as a sound can be, and the sound clips peppered throughout the album does the opposite to making everything feel okay.

The guitar and bass drive the music forward, but do not detract from the absolute power presented by the drummer. The vocalist sounds like he is suffering, in a very appropriate way. It sounds like he is trying to scream his feelings at someone through a wall. The bits of singing are brilliant, dissonant and harsh.

All in all, you will have to search hard to find a better example of hardcore.

RECOMMENDED LISTENING || 1984 or the last three tracks*, if you are looking for something a little ambient.
Not because of the name or content, it is just a very good example of what this band is capable of.
*NOTE FROM KATIE: the names of the songs have changed to official versions since the version we got, so it is uncertain yet if the order has stayed the same for the release. 

Think Norma Jean (O God… era) meets The Chariot (The Fiancee era)


Update Months Later From Jay:
I have read and re-read this review in the time since I got the album to now. I refused to change it because my initial opinions are just that. This album really has become my favourite of the year. The track names have certainly changed (like Katie said) and we are still waiting to find out if the track order has, as well. I will make some sort of new post if that is the case.

I would just like to say that I had a beautiful paragraph worked out and Katie erased it by accident. That is my attempt to remake it. (NOTE FROM KATIE: yeah… the original was better. My bad!)

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