Where we’ve been, and what MTM T.O. will be like until January


  • Big life changes (Jay: back in school/Katie: back in Switzerland) got in the way of things.
  • We are gonna be as active as we can be on this site again soon.
  • Not many concert photos for a while.
  • Reviews will be back
  • New feature: themed music listening lists.

Hi folks, Katie Maz here! So, you may have noticed this site’s been quiet for a while now. If yo’ve got me on facebook/other social media, you know that my last 2-3 months have basically gone like this:


Meanwhile, Jay’s have been all about sorting out going back to school (read more on that here!)

Basically, we’ve been adjusting to being a form of busy where MTM T.O. had to move to a lower spot on The Great Top Priorities List, and to do that we had to take it off the list completely for a bit until we settled into huge new life changes.

Now that the dust has cleared, we’re going to be bringing back posts to this site. Photos are difficult, as I’m in Switzerland where it’s hard to find shows and I don’t have any connections or know of promoters or know where I can even bring my camera. I’ll be back in January, so posts with photos from new shows will be rare if at all. (I do have photos from a few summer shows that never even made it into the editing process though, so I’ll be sharing some of those occasionally to fill the gap!)

We’ll still get reviews up while we can for the time being. I also want to try a new thing: “listening lists” These will be either collected or based on lists found online by Jay or myself. Basically, themed lists of albums to listen to for the week. This can be any theme- “Open suggestions on facebook,” “Unsigned Toronto bands only,” “Punknews’ ‘your favourite records from august’,” or to steal an idea from a friend of mine, “Albums with cream off-white colour covers”

Thanks for sticking around through all this, friends! (and that i mean not only our turbulent couple of months, but also this hella-long post)

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