Music Monday :: Pluum

a3218603299_16Well, I feel like a snob.

I love this EP by a Montreal based band called Pluum because it reminds me of a time in music that I have not heard emulated for a very long time.

It feels like a cross between The Pixies (Surfer Rosa era) and The Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream era).

Normally I would look down on an album for sounding too much like something else. However, the vocals are gritty and very refreshing and the riffs are organic feeling.

I am incredibly enamoured with the direction this release is in. I love the texture of the sound they are generating. I feel like I am talking around in circles saying how I enjoy this and not saying much else, but damn, I really was not expecting this.

This French delicacy came out July 15th. I highly recommend buying it asap.


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