Music Monday :: Heart & Harm

a1097079116_16The vocalist feels like he is closer to yelling than screaming. The guitar player tends to deal more with chords as opposed to overbearing riff-age. The bass player hangs somewhere between lead and rhythm. The drummer is solid, playing exactly what needs to be done.

This album throws curves in the best ways possible. The last song on the collection (Let Down) changes not only time, but tempo several times. Every song has a beautiful change somewhere in the writing that keeps the flow from getting to be drab, but does not throw the flow away.


I cannot listen to this mix without thinking of Underoath back on “Changing of the Times.” The main vocalist reminds me heavily of Mewithoutyou: mostly because he does that half scream that turns out more like an desperate yell.

This album needs to be picked up. This album needs to be enjoyed by all. As I wrap up this review, I am on listen number 4. The first was to know what I was in for. The second to understand and start writing about it. The third to make sure I am on the right path. The fourth because I cannot get enough.


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