Photo Dump: Anti-Flag, The Homeless Gospel Choir and more at The Waiting Room, June 23rd

Mind The Music T.O. goes international! No, I haven’t moved. But the photos in this post are from a show at The Waiting Room in Buffalo, NY. If you’ve followed this site at all, or ever met me, then it’s no secret that I love Anti-Flag, and I’ll be writing more on why for a post on here later on. But it was to see that favourite band that my friend and I travelled down to the states to see Anti-Flag play a show with The Homeless Gospel Choir, After the Fall, and local band Orenthal play the venue in a night that was rich with community and new friendships.

(more photos under the cut)

04 Anti-Flag-7


01 -1

01 -2

01 -3

01 -4

01 -5













03 Homeless Gospel Choir-1

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-2

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-3

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-4

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-5

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-6

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-7

03 Homeless Gospel Choir-8


04 Anti-Flag-1

04 Anti-Flag-2

04 Anti-Flag-3

04 Anti-Flag-4

04 Anti-Flag-5

04 Anti-Flag-604 Anti-Flag-8

04 Anti-Flag-9

04 Anti-Flag-10

04 Anti-Flag-11

04 Anti-Flag-12

04 Anti-Flag-13

04 Anti-Flag-14

04 Anti-Flag-15

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