Photo Dump: Unwritten Law and Ten Foot Pole at The Dance Cave, June 19th

On June 19th, Unwritten Law and Ten Foot Pole played at Toronto’s Dance Cave during their June tour together. Local band Splitfist opened the set. Everyone was either jumping in the crowd, or running on stage to sing along.

More photos under the cut!

03 Unwritten Law-5


01 Splitfist-1

01 Splitfist-2

01 Splitfist-3

01 Splitfist-4

01 Splitfist-5

01 Splitfist-6

01 Splitfist-8

01 Splitfist-9


02 Ten Foot Pole-1

02 Ten Foot Pole-2

02 Ten Foot Pole-3

02 Ten Foot Pole-4

02 Ten Foot Pole-5

02 Ten Foot Pole-6

02 Ten Foot Pole-7

02 Ten Foot Pole-8

02 Ten Foot Pole-9

02 Ten Foot Pole-10

02 Ten Foot Pole-11

02 Ten Foot Pole-12


03 Unwritten Law-1

03 Unwritten Law-2

03 Unwritten Law-3

03 Unwritten Law-4

03 Unwritten Law-6

03 Unwritten Law-7

03 Unwritten Law-8

03 Unwritten Law-9

03 Unwritten Law-10

03 Unwritten Law-11

03 Unwritten Law-12

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