Photo Dump: RVIVR and more at The Dance Cave, June 17th

On Thursday, The Dance Cave played host to a plethora of punk-rock bands: all of which had at least one-male member. In the nearly-six years I’ve been shooting shows, this is the first time I’ve seen a show where that was the case. The fact that this held true for every band that performed made me ecstatic, but I was definitely saddened that it has taken so long.

The bands were fantastic though- with Toronto locals Album Club opening, followed by Poor Form, Street Eaters, and headliners RVIVR. More photos under the cut.

04 RVIVR-3

     01 Album Club-1 01 Album Club-2 01 Album Club-3 01 Album Club-4 01 Album Club-5 01 Album Club-6


02 Poor Form-1

02 Poor Form-2

02 Poor Form-3

02 Poor Form-4

02 Poor Form-5


03 Street Eaters-1

03 Street Eaters-2 03 Street Eaters-3

03 Street Eaters-4

03 Street Eaters-5

03 Street Eaters-6

03 Street Eaters-7

03 Street Eaters-8

03 Street Eaters-9

03 Street Eaters-10


04 RVIVR-1 04 RVIVR-2 04 RVIVR-4 04 RVIVR-5 04 RVIVR-6 04 RVIVR-7 04 RVIVR-8 04 RVIVR-9 04 RVIVR-10 04 RVIVR-11 04 RVIVR-12

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