Music Monday :: Mad Trapper

┬áThe following review, by Jay, is about Mad Trapper’s upcoming album Dead Living. The album comes out┬ánext week, and the official release show is at the Smiling Buddha on July 3rd!

a3719929083_10Well, this album kicked my ass.

The album opens with just a very simple drone of the guitar and the vocalist singing overtop of everything. His vocal style is similar to a cross of Deftones and Every Time I Die. At least when he is singing. Screaming, it is a different beast. Crushing and desperate, the vocals do not fail the emotional theme of the tracks they accompany.

Everything about this album is amazingly brutal. There are so many tempo changes, and every member pulls them off quite deftly.


Think Converge (Jane Doe era) combined with Premonitions of War (Left of Kowloon era).

These Toronto based lads know how to take someones face and rip the flesh right off of it.


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