Photo Dump: Birthday Party and Bands at The Smiling Buddha, June 11th

What better reason for people to gather than for live music and someone’s birthday? And that is exactly what happened in the basement of The Smiling Buddha last week! People gathered for a friend and concertgoer’s birthday- games were played, cake was had, and Take Nothing, Leave Everything and Nanette played fantastic sets!

02 Nanette-3


01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-1 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-2 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-6 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-7 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-3 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-4 01 Take Nothing, Leave Everything-5


02 Nanette-1 02 Nanette-2 02 Nanette-4 02 Nanette-5 02 Nanette-6 02 Nanette-7 02 Nanette-9 02 Nanette-11 02 Nanette-8 02 Nanette-10 02 Nanette-12

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