Photo Dump: Anti-Flag at the Bovine, June 4th

Not long after their southern Ontario runĀ in February and their March mini-tour in Quebec (and Oshawa), Anti-Flag came back to Canada for one more show. Instead of playing somewhere the size of the horseshoe, Anti-Flag instead played a tiny, intimate show at the Bovine for this one-off set. The band had just finished playing in Europe, and opted for this Toronto show before heading off on tour across the United States.

As usual, more photos under the cut- as well as videos from earlier that day!

01 Anti-Flag-15

01 Anti-Flag-1

01 Anti-Flag-2

01 Anti-Flag-3

01 Anti-Flag-4

01 Anti-Flag-5

01 Anti-Flag-6

01 Anti-Flag-7

01 Anti-Flag-8

01 Anti-Flag-9

01 Anti-Flag-10

01 Anti-Flag-11

01 Anti-Flag-12

01 Anti-Flag-13

01 Anti-Flag-14

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