Photo Dump: Acoustic show at the Silver Dollar, May 30th

On May 30th, Chris Cresswell of The Flatliners, Ian Graham of Cheap Girls, and Chuck Coles each took to the stage at the Silver Dollar for the triumphant end of their acoustic tour together. The artists serenaded the crowd with a mix of originals, covers, and their respective bands’ songs.

More photos under the cut.

03 Chris Cresswell-5


01 Chuck Coles-1

01 Chuck Coles-2

01 Chuck Coles-3

01 Chuck Coles-4

01 Chuck Coles-5

00 Misc-2

02 Ian Graham-1

02 Ian Graham-2

02 Ian Graham-3

02 Ian Graham-4

02 Ian Graham-5

00 Misc-1

03 Chris Cresswell-1

03 Chris Cresswell-2 03 Chris Cresswell-3 03 Chris Cresswell-4 03 Chris Cresswell-6 03 Chris Cresswell-7 03 Chris Cresswell-8 03 Chris Cresswell-9 03 Chris Cresswell-10

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