Photo Dump: Upstairs at the Smiling Buddha, May 28th

So, yesterday, photos went up of Kennedy playing the Smiling Buddha Basement. But meanwhile, upstairs held a fantastic show as well, featuring Boat Culture, Alpha Strategy, and of course headliners Stuck Out Here.

More photos under the cut!

03 Stuck Out Here-7


01 Boat Culture-1

01 Boat Culture-2

01 Boat Culture-3

01 Boat Culture-4

01 Boat Culture-5


02 Alpha Strategy-1

02 Alpha Strategy-2

02 Alpha Strategy-3

02 Alpha Strategy-4

02 Alpha Strategy-5


03 Stuck Out Here-1

03 Stuck Out Here-2

03 Stuck Out Here-3

03 Stuck Out Here-4

03 Stuck Out Here-5

03 Stuck Out Here-6

03 Stuck Out Here-8

03 Stuck Out Here-9

03 Stuck Out Here-10

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