Music Monday :: Conversation

This week’s Music Monday is about Toronto band Conversation, and more specifically about their brand-new EP Fig. 2!

If you want to see Conversation live in Toronto, they’ll be playing at Nocturne on June 25th! For other dates, check the links above.
To listen to the EP just head on over to the bandcamp page!
Without further ado, here is Jason’s review of the new album:


downloadOh, I have actually had the hardest time coming up with something to say about this band.

They are really, REALLY, fucking tight. The play between the guitar, bass and drums is amazing. The vocalist feels like he is pushing to the edge of his range, but sits perfectly in key. The drummer fills the “gaps” beautifully with an almost tribal feel throughout this three song EP.

My ONLY gripe with this band is that I feel like this sound has come and gone. I would love for an honest attempt at going this route, and I really want this band to go far. They have the talent. They have the beginning of the sound. Seriously, though: I have not heard anything new.

Now keep that in mind, dear reader. My ONLY GRIPE was that this band was very good at sounding like a movement in music that happened about ten years ago. In fact, if paired beside those bands, high school me would have probably picked Conversation and held it on high.

Everything about their performance on Fig. 2 is absolutely perfect. No one misses a beat. The vocals stay on key. Even the screams feel shattering and godly. I really do recommend this 3 track EP to anyone who misses that sound. Even if you just think “damn, it would be fun to relive the year 200X but with a different take on it!”

Finally, I leave you with this opinion: They are a lot of fun! I got looking into the rest of their material, and they really do a fun amount of genre jumping and bending. I recommend them (I say with a shit eating grin)!

The EP came out May 29th to a show at Sneaky Dee’s. Please, give it a listen. Give it a buy. Give them the support to keep up with the good fight.


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