Photo Dump: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk and more at Sneaky Dee’s, May 19th

On May 19th pop-punk lovers came out one and all to see Parisian band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. The tour was to promote the release of the band’s new album, Get Lost, Find Yourself, which was officially released that night.

Other bands featured in the night (and in this photo set!) were Fighting Season, To the Wind, In Her Own Words, Like Pacific, and Forever Came Calling.

 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-10

01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-1

01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-2 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-3 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-4 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-5 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-6 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-7 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-8 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-9 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-11 01 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk-12


02 Forever Came Calling-1

02 Forever Came Calling-2

02 Forever Came Calling-3

02 Forever Came Calling-4

02 Forever Came Calling-5


03 Like Pacific-1

03 Like Pacific-2

03 Like Pacific-3

03 Like Pacific-4

03 Like Pacific-5

03 Like Pacific-6

03 Like Pacific-7

03 Like Pacific-8

03 Like Pacific-9

03 Like Pacific-10


04 In Her Own Words-1

04 In Her Own Words-2

04 In Her Own Words-3

04 In Her Own Words-4

04 In Her Own Words-5


04 To the Wind-1 04 To the Wind-2 04 To the Wind-3 04 To the Wind-4 04 To the Wind-5 04 To the Wind-6


05 Fighting Season-1 05 Fighting Season-2 05 Fighting Season-3 05 Fighting Season-4 05 Fighting Season-5

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