Music Mondays: The Filthy Radicals


So, last Friday, I went to see The Creepshow for their 10th anniversary show. While that band is absolutely fantastic, this review is not about them. It is, however, about the opening band, The Filthy Radicals. I’d heard of them before, but never listened- a fact I now regret as I already want to see them play again.

Honestly, it isn’t too often I find a band where every single song, without fail, just makes me want to move. The Filthy Radicals’ music succeeds at this both live and recorded. Whether it’s their ska-inspired tunes for skanking and dancing, or their high-speed punk rock songs that would make anyone want to jump into a mosh pit, it’s hard to just sit down and listen to The Filthy Radicals- in a good way! Honestly, I cannot recommend them enough.

What to buy:

I picked up these two bad boys at the show, and i suggest everyone who has the chance do the same. Plus (in case you can’t tell) every album is hand-labeled. The CD even comes in four colours: blue, green, yellow, and red.

11329010_1089332251083063_1521721043_n copy

11289701_1089332211083067_824728777_n copy

What to listen to:
from the band’s official youtube

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