Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 3 Part II, May 17th

Finally- the last of the Pouzza photos! These photos are mostly from the outdoor area and main PBR stage.

Featured is a small early-afternoon acoustic session, The Penske File, an indoor set by Bucky Harris, and, of course, Sunday highlight “Punk Rock Karaoke!”

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-6


01 Acoustic Things-1

01 Acoustic Things-2

01 Acoustic Things-3

01 Acoustic Things-4

01 Acoustic Things-5


02 Penske File-1

02 Penske File-2

02 Penske File-3

02 Penske File-4

02 Penske File-5

02 Penske File-6

02 Penske File-7

02 Penske File-8

02 Penske File-9

02 Penske File-10


03 Bucky Harris-1

03 Bucky Harris-3

03 Bucky Harris-5

03 Bucky Harris-7

03 Bucky Harris-9


06 Punk Rock Karaoke-1

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-2

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-3

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-5

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-7

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-4

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-8

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-9

06 Punk Rock Karaoke-10

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