Music Monday :: 1971

So, this is the first of a new thing called Music Mondays! Basically every week either myself (Katie) or Jay will review an awesome awesome album for you all.

In this case, the review was written by Jay.

The album in question is 1971’s self titled album.


1971The 1971 is SO grimy in the best possible way! It reminds me of a cross between the Pixies and Ikara Colt. If you do not know Ikara Colt, SHAME! I am not here to talk about them, though (but I will to no end if someone asks nicely).


Just so hard hitting but STILL ridiculously pretty, the 1971 self titled EP starts with a BANG and does not really let up. Every song is just as aggressive as the last without getting boring. They have a wonderful use of rhythm and it keeps any pattern from getting old.

The bi-polar nature of the song structures really keep the listener engaged and curious about where the song will go next. As much as I dropped two bands in the first paragraph as a comparison, I really feel this band is unique. The name really does suit them, as they feel like they are from another time.


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