Photo Dump: Pouzza Day 2 Part III, May 16th

Katacombs was a venue that stayed pretty packed throughout the festival, and Deforesters, Brutal Youth and Guerilla Poubelle kept it no different.

Deforesters’ lighthearted punk-rock got everyone dancing from the get-go, and from the time they played the first few notes, it only got crazier from there.

Along with their fast-paced songs, Brutal Youth brought their signature energy, jumping and going crazy throughout the set.

Guerilla Poubelle had the crowd jumping and moshing to their French punk tunes even more than during their secret show the day before.


More photos under the cut!

03 Guerilla Poubelle-8


01 Deforester-1

01 Deforester-2

01 Deforester-3

01 Deforester-4

01 Deforester-5

01 Deforester-6

01 Deforester-7

01 Deforester-8

01 Deforester-9

01 Deforester-10


02 Brutal Youth-1

02 Brutal Youth-2

02 Brutal Youth-3

02 Brutal Youth-4

02 Brutal Youth-5

02 Brutal Youth-6

02 Brutal Youth-7

02 Brutal Youth-8

02 Brutal Youth-9

02 Brutal Youth-10


03 Guerilla Poubelle-1

03 Guerilla Poubelle-2

03 Guerilla Poubelle-5

03 Guerilla Poubelle-6

03 Guerilla Poubelle-3

03 Guerilla Poubelle-4

03 Guerilla Poubelle-7

03 Guerilla Poubelle-9

03 Guerilla Poubelle-10

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